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Automatic Transmissions are our Specialty

Transmission issues? Let us diagnose before you replace your transmission.

If your vehicle has transmission issues, we can correctly identify the problem and offer our advice to allow you, the customer, to make an informed decision.  Here, in Colorado Springs, we have many options how we can repair a vehicle.  We at Accelerate Auto & Transmission,  pride ourselves on expert diagnostics and offering viable repair options.  Many transmission issues can be repaired before having to do a full overhaul.  When all else fails, our experienced techs can rebuild your automatic transmission right here in house using our array of special tools and extensive knowledge.  Accelerate has several technicians who specialize in automatic transmissions and are well qualified to perform a top quality rebuild on your transmission.

We warranty all of our work and are part of ATRA (Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association).  Most work is covered by our standard Nationwide 24 month, 24k mile warranty, although some quallify for up to 3 year, 100k warranties.  Call us for details.

We also offer general vehicle repair services.

Our Services

  • Standard 24 month, 24,000 mile warranty on transmission repairs and transmission rebuilds (optional Nationwide and 36k mile warranties available).
  • Domestic (Ford, Chrysler, GM) automatic transmission rebuild or replacement.
  • Foreign (Toyota, Honda, etc.) automatic transmission rebuild or replacement.
  • Transmission cooler instalation.
  • Transmission fluid and filter service.

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Additional Drive-train Services

Clutch replacement

Clutch Replacement

Being that we are a transmission shop, clutch diagnosis and clutch repair come second nature to us. We can identify the problem with your clutch whether it be hydraulic or a mechanical problem and repair as necessary.  We use only premium clutch parts to ensure OE or better performance.

Four wheel drive

Transfer Case & 4x4

Hearing odd noises in your drive-train? Four wheel drive not working? Transfer case repairs and other four wheel drive/all wheel drive repairs are no problem for us.  We can rebuild most transfer cases in house and many all wheel drive units are either repairable or readily available.

Differential Repair

Differential Repairs

We love differentials!  They put the power to the ground and we can rebuild, re-gear, replace or modify them.  Ask about limited slip installation, re-gearing for off road or performance use.

Manual Transmission

manual transmission repair

Select manual transmissions are also something we do.  We can rebuild many domestic transmissions.  We also install re-manufactured transmissions and repair clutch problems.



Even if you are not sure what the problem can be, we are happy to check it out for you and give our expert advice.  Some think they may have a transmission issue when actually it relates to a drive ability issue.  We can check those things out too.  See our repair page for more info.


ATRA Warranty

We offer an ATRA warranty on our automatic transmission rebuilds.  This is a nation-wide warranty that covers your vehicle should you have troubles out of town.